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Pisco Day in Peru


On the fourth Sunday of every July, Peru celebrates the Día del Pisco, or Pisco Day, in honor of one of the country's flagship products.

Peru Travel Spotlight10

Peruvian Independence Day

Following a struggle against its Spanish colonial masters, Peru finally proclaimed its independence on July 28, 1821.

It’s OK to Eat Ants in Peru

It’s perfectly OK to eat ants in Peru, as long as they are the big-bottomed variety known locally as mamacos.

Trujillo Cathedral

Trujillo Cathedral, officially the Catedral Basílica Santa María, is one of the principal cathedrals in Northern Peru.

Latest Peru Travel Warnings, Alerts and Advisories

All the latest travel warnings, alerts and advisories for travelers in Peru, including everything from natural hazards to strikes and demonstrations.

Museums in San Martín, Peru

There aren't many museums in the San Martín region of northern Peru, but those that do exist offer some insights into the history and culture of the area.

The Lima International Book Fair

The Feria Internacional del Libro de Lima, or Lima International Book Fair, is an annual literary event held every July in the Peruvian capital.

Peruvian Purple Corn

Purple corn, known locally as maíz morado, grows in the Andean regions of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, where it is used as an ingredient and as a dye.

From Grape to Glass With Portón Pisco

A look at the pisco-making process from the grape harvest to fermentation and distillation and onto the finished bottled product.

Different Types of Temporary and Resident Visas for Peru

Visas for Peru fall into two categories: temporary visas for shorter stays and resident visas for stays of a year or more.

The Longest Rivers in Peru

The 10 longest rivers in Peru all eventually flow into the Amazon River -- either directly or via one of the Amazon’s many large tributaries.

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