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LCPerú to Connect Lima, Pisco, Nazca Lines and Cusco


LCPerú (formerly LC Busre) is the smallest of Peru's major domestic airlines, but strong growth and smart choices during 2012 have seen the airline expand in some interesting directions.

The airline's latest move is the development of a new route connecting Lima, Pisco and Cusco. On February 1, 2013, LCPerú will begin regular flights from Lima to Pisco with an option to fly over the Nazca Lines (passengers will change to a smaller aircraft for the Nazca fly-over, taking off from the small airport in Pisco).

On April 1, LCPerú will begin flying from Pisco to Cusco. This will give travelers the option of flying from Lima to Pisco before changing to a smaller aircraft for a flight over the Nazca Lines, after which they fly back to Pisco airport for the flight to Cusco.

For travelers with limited time, LCPerú's Lima-Pisco-Nazca Lines-Cusco-Lima route offers an interesting alternative to existing tours or transport options to two of Peru's major hotspots. Keep an eye on the LCPerú website for more details and possible promotional offers.

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