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Tony Dunnell

Tony Dunnell

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Tony Dunnell has been living and traveling in Peru since May 2009. From his base in the jungle town of Tarapoto, he continues to explore the rich culture and endless attractions of his adopted home.


Tony had already clocked-up one and a half years of solo travel in South America before settling in Peru. He caught the infamous travel bug after six months in Brazil, a trip soon followed by a one-year voyage throughout South America, from the southern tip of Argentina to the north coast of Colombia.

Since settling in Peru, Tony has dedicated himself to his two great passions: travel and writing. His travel writing has appeared in print in the V!VA Peru travel guide and on various websites such as Living in Peru, USA Today Travel and Avid Trips.


Tony holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Sussex in the UK.

By Tony Dunnell:

Back in 2008, I took my first flight over the Nazca Lines. After the aerial tour, I walked across the road from the aerodrome, passing what I thought were some simple road works. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the laborers were in fact archeologists, carefully removing a mummy from the ground. Buried for centuries -- just yards from one of Peru’s most popular tourist attractions -- the mummy was just the latest discovery, the latest piece in the Peruvian puzzle.

For me, this small event sums up Peru. It is a nation of layers, many of which take time to discover, with many more still waiting to be found. Whether you are setting out on a weeklong vacation or a one-month backpacking adventure, new sights and experiences wait around every corner.

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