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Cities and Regions in Peru

Learn the ins and outs of Peru's cities and regions, from the coastal capital of Lima to Andean cities such as Cusco and in to the depths of the Amazon jungle.
  1. Lima (10)

Regions of Peru
Peru is divided into 25 administrative regions known as departments, or departamentos in Spanish.

Major Cities in Peru
Discover the major cities in Peru, listed by population size.

Altitude Table for Peruvian Cities and Tourist Attractions
Check the altitudes for major cities and tourist attractions in Peru.

Top 10 Things to Do in Lima
Discover the highlights of the Peruvian capital with a list of the top 10 things to do in Lima.

The North Coast of Peru
Follow the Pan-American Highway along the north coast of Peru and you will discover a region of archeological wonders, bustling cities, good beaches and rich Peruvian culture.

Trujillo, Peru
A guide to the colonial city of Trujillo on the north coast of Peru.

Map of Trujillo, Peru
A street map showing the historic center of Trujillo, Peru.

Tarapoto, Peru
A guide to the city of Tarapoto, Peru, including things to do, accommodation, restaurants and more.

Tarapoto Tourist Attractions
Tarapoto is well off the beaten path, but visitors to the city and its surrounding area will find plenty of things to see -- if they know where to look.

Moyobamba, Peru
A travel guide to Moyobamba, capital of the San Martin region of northern Peru.

Tingo Maria, Peru
Learn more about the jungle city of Tingo Maria, including attractions, places to stay and Tingo Maria National Park.

Puno, Folkloric Capital of Peru
Puno serves as a hub for exploring the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. While not the most attractive of cities, it has nonetheless earned the official title of Folkloric Capital of Peru.

Peru Travel Destinations
Find out where to go in Peru with our town and city guides.

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