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Parque Kennedy and Parque Central, Miraflores, Lima


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Parque Central, Miraflores
Parque Central

Sandwich stand in Parque Central, Miraflores.

Photo © Tony Dunnell

Parque Central sits alongside the northernmost end of Kennedy. One of the park’s main features is a small amphitheater in which musicians and other artists sometimes perform at night (for free – just sit in the round or stand along the fringes).

If for some strange reason you have a craving for US fast food, walk along the eastern side of Parque Central (along Larco). Here you’ll find a Pizza Hut, a Burger King and a KFC. Cross the Diagonal near the northern tip of the park for MacDonald’s and the Cinerama "El Pacifico" cinema (as with many cinemas in Lima, new releases are often shown in English with Spanish subtitles).

For a good selection of restaurants selling high quality but affordable set lunch menús, head east of Parque Central down Manuel Bonilla. Here you’ll also find Xocolatl, an expensive but ultra-chic chocolatier.

Just to the north of Parque Central is the Óvalo, a major roundabout in the heart of Miraflores. From here you can head east along Ricardo Palma (for the Ricardo Palma Metropolitano bus stop), west along José Pardo or north along the major Avenida Arequipa thoroughfare. Alternatively, of course, you can make your way back down through Parque Central and Parque Kennedy, heading along the Diagonal or Larco on your way toward the coastal cliffs of Miraflores.

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