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Peruvian Culture and Society

Peruvian culture is a fascinating mix of pre-Columbian and colonial traditions. Here you can learn more about this rich blend, including the languages spoken in Peru, social etiquette and general facts and figures about Peruvian society.
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Facts About Peru
Learn key facts about Peru's geography, society, economy and more...

What is the Population of Peru?
Peru's past, present and future population, as well as its current world ranking in terms of inhabitants.

The Flag of Peru
The flag of Peru as used today was first introduced in 1825 by South American liberator Simón Bolívar.

The National Anthem of Peru
Learn about the Peruvian National Anthem, including its history, lyrics and anthem etiquette.

The Coat of Arms of Peru
Learn about the Peruvian coat of arms, as seen on nuevo sol coins and certain versions of the Peruvian flag.

Languages of Peru
Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Peru, but many more languages still exist across the nation.

Religion in Peru
As a traveler in a foreign country, it's good to know a little about the local religious beliefs. Learn more with our guide to religion in Peru.

Famous People From Peru
Learn more about the most famous living Peruvians, from soccer stars to astronauts...

How Many People Visit Peru Each Year?
About three million foreign tourists arrive in Peru each year, a significant increase from less than half a million in 1995.

Time in Peru
With no clock changes to worry about, time in Peru is a straightforward concept. Punctuality, on the other hand, is not so widely understood...

Opening Hours in Peru
Get to grips with business hours in Peru, including lengthy lunch breaks...

Peruvian Cities on Sunday
Sunday is typically a sleepy day when even Peru's major cities can lie almost dormant.

What is the Minimum Wage in Peru?
Learn about the current minimum wage in Peru, with comparisons to the USA and the UK.

Tips for Talking to Peruvians
Here are a few topics to get any conversation started, and some subjects to possibly avoid...

Demonyms of Peru
Demonyms are names given to people born in specific cities or regions, such as limeños from Lima and cusqueños from Cusco.

Watching the Peruvian National Soccer Team
Find out where to watch the Peruvian national soccer team play and how to buy tickets for the games.

What is a Peruvian DNI?
Every Peruvian adult must have a Documento Nacional de Identidad, a national identity card commonly known as a DNI.

Do Peruvians Like Americans?
If you're an American heading to Peru, you might be wondering what Peruvians think about U.S. tourists.

Soccer in Peru
If you want to watch, play or talk about soccer in Peru, learn more with our guide to the national sport.

A Guide to Tipping in Peru
Our guide to tipping in Peru will help you decide how much to tip Peruvian tour guides, waiters, hotel staff and more.

Toilets in Peru
Toilets in Peru range from bearable to hideously unclean. Finding a decent option is an unglamorous but essential part of traveling.

Embassies in Peru
A list of all the embassies in Peru.

Beer in Peru
Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Peru and an important part of the culture.

The Ley Seca in Peru
The ley seca (literally “dry law”) is used to prohibit the sale of alcohol during voting for Presidential elections in Peru.

Is Marijuana Legal in Peru?
The possession of certain quantities of marijuana is officially legal in Peru, but even supposedly legal amounts can get you in trouble.

The Peruvian Paso Horse
The Peruvian Paso horse is an iconic symbol of the country's history and culture.

The Peruvian Hairless Dog
As you travel around Peru, keep an eye open for the Peruvian Hairless dog, also known as the Inca Orchid.

A Guide to Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos and Vicunas
Llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas all have a part to play in Peruvian society, be it a wild existence or a domesticated role.

Flagship Products of Peru
Flagship products of Peru are important exports that represent the image of Peru outside the country.

Major Imports and Exports of Peru
A list of the major imports and exports of Peru, as well as Peru’s main import and export partners.

Free and Low-Cost Volunteer Programs in Peru
A list of free and low-cost volunteer programs in Peru.

The Apu Mountain Spirits
The apu mountain spirits were venerated by the Incas and remain sacred in the Andean highlands today.

Biography of Saint Rose of Lima
Saint Rose of Lima was the first Catholic saint of the Americas and remains a highly venerated figure in Peru.

The Estadio Monumental in Lima, Peru
The Estadio Monumental in Lima is the largest stadium in Peru.

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