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National Ceviche Day in Peru


National Ceviche Day in Peru, June 28

Ceviche, part of Peru's national heritage.

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Ceviche, also written as cebiche or seviche, has long been a source of pride and even national identity in Peru. The cultural importance of the dish, which at its simplest consists of fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juice (typically lime), prompted the Peruvian government to recognize ceviche as part of Peru’s national heritage.

In 2004, ceviche was officially declared part of Peru’s cultural heritage (through the grand-sounding “Resolución Directoral Nacional N° 241/INC-2004”). In September 2008, Peru’s Ministry of Production further honored the traditional dish by creating Día Nacional del Cebiche (National Ceviche Day), to be held each year on June 28.

What Happens on National Ceviche Day?

Peruvians celebrated their first National Ceviche Day on June 28, 2009. The day has grown in stature and popularity with each passing year, particularly along the Peruvian coast.

Lima and Callao are two of the best places to spend the day. Of particular note is the annual Festival Gastronómico “Cebiche Perú,” which normally runs from June 27 to July 1 (locations can vary). Other potential hotspots for heaps of ceviche include gastronomic fairs in public spaces such as the Parque de la Exposición and C.C. Mega Plaza in Lima, and the Centro de Convenciones del Real Felipe in Callao.

Wherever you are in Peru -- be it coast, highland or jungle -- keep an eye out for ceviche fairs and special offers in seafood restaurants (cevicherias). And remember: ceviche is typically a lunchtime meal, so a midday start is ideal.

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