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Food and Drink in Peru

Food in Peru differs from region to region, providing culinary travelers with plenty of plates to sample. There's world-class ceviche on the coast, roasted guinea pig in the highlands and chorizo sausage in the jungle -- and that's just for starters. Find out what and where to eat in Peru with our restaurant reviews and regional guides to Peruvian food and drink.
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Meals and Mealtimes in Peru
There are three main mealtimes in Peru: desayuno (breakfast), almuerzo (lunch) and cena (supper). Of the three, lunch is by far the main meal of the day.

Lunch in Peru
Lunch in Peru is a great time for travelers to sample some of the nation’s traditional dishes. You can also save money by making the most of the set lunch Peruvian menu.

Breakfast in Peru
Breakfast in Peru can be as simple as bread, jam and a cup of coffee, but more substantial meals -- often with a regional twist -- are also common.

How Much Does it Cost to Eat Out in Peru?
Find out how much it costs to eat out in Peru with our example food prices for restaurants and other eating establishments.

From Grape to Glass With Pisco Porton
A look at the pisco-making process from the grape harvest to fermentation, distillation and the final bottled product.

Cusqueña Beer
Cusqueña is one of the most popular beers in Peru. For many, it's also the most drinkable of the domestic brands.

Beer in Peru
Peru is a beer-drinking nation, so you'll never be far from a few bottles of Cusqueña or Pilsen Callao.

Inca Kola
Inca Kola is the most iconic soft drink in Peru. It's also an acquired taste...

What’s the Best Fish for Ceviche?
Find out what fish Peruvians normally use to make ceviche.

Savory Snacks in Peru
Travelers will find a great selection of savory snacks in Peru, many of which are perfect for eating on the move.

Cancha: Peruvian Toasted Corn
Toasted corn, known as cancha, is found throughout Peru in establishments ranging from high class restaurants to basic bars.

Peruvian Purple Corn
Purple corn, known in Peru as maíz morado, is used to make chicha morada and mazamorra morada.

It’s OK to Eat Ants in Peru
If you want to eat ants while you're in Peru, ask for some mamacos at the local market.

National Ceviche Day in Peru
For a good excuse to eat way too much ceviche, don't miss National Ceviche Day on June 28.

National Pisco Day in Peru
Need a good excuse to sample a few Peruvian piscos? How about National Pisco Day on the fourth Sunday of July?

Pollo a la Brasa Day in Peru
Pollo a la Brasa Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July.

Perú Mucho Gusto
Perú Mucho Gusto gastronomic fairs provide the perfect opportunity to sample various dishes from across the country.

What is the Legal Drinking Age in Peru?
The minimum legal drinking age in Peru is 18, but enforcement of the law is variable at best...

Peruvian Food
If you’re wondering what you’ll be eating in Peru, take a look at this extensive list of traditional Peruvian recipes by Marian Blazes, About.com’s Guide to South American food.

Gastón Acurio, Peruvian Super Chef
Learn more about Gastón Acurio, Peruvian celebrity chef, global restaurateur and general ambassador of Peruvian cuisine.

The Everything Peruvian Cookbook
"The Everything Peruvian Cookbook" does a great job of covering classic Peruvian recipes, including soups, main meals and Peruvian desserts.

Ceviche 101
Learn more about one of Peru’s signature dishes with this beginner’s guide to ceviche.

All About Pisco - National Drink of Peru
Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Peru, but Pisco is the nation’s pride.

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