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Savory Snacks in Peru


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Food in Peru for Travelers on the Move
Peruvian snacks

Neatly packaged Peruvian snacks: juane, tamales and humitas.

Photo © Tony Dunnell

Savory snacks are on sale almost everywhere in Peru. Vendors ply the city streets, selling their home-cooked products from cloth covered trays and metal trolleys. They also congregate at bus terminals, providing snacks for hungry passengers prior to lengthy journeys.

For travelers on the move, these quick eats are particularly handy. You can stash a neatly wrapped rice dish in your backpack before setting off on a trek, or you can grab a quick snack during a brief stop on a long-distance bus journey.

If you’re unfamiliar with Peruvian food, you may find yourself baffled by the snacks on offer. While there’s no substitute for firsthand experimentation, the following visual tour will give you a greater sense of direction when it comes to navigating the range of savory snacks in Peru.

Begin the Tour With Rice-based Juanes
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