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Health and Safety Advice for Peru

Help make your Peruvian experience a safe one with these tips and general health and safety recommendations for travelers. Topics covered include pre-trip vaccinations, natural hazards and staying clear of crime.
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Latest Peru Travel Warnings, Alerts and Advisories
All the latest travel warnings, alerts and advisories for travelers in Peru.

Embassies in Peru
If you have any problems in Peru, you can always seek advice and support from your embassy.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Peru
Find out how to call the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and other important numbers in Peru.

Vaccinations for Peru
Before you go to Peru, find out which vaccinations you need with our guide to recommended immunizations.

Vaccinations for Machu Picchu
Only a handful of vaccinations are recommended for travelers heading only to Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Rabies in Peru
Learn more about rabies in Peru, including the rabies vaccination, general prevention and potential symptoms.

Can You Drink Tap Water in Peru?
The tap water in Peru is not safe to drink. Most travelers stick to bottled water.

Taking a Laptop to Peru
If you'll be taking your laptop to Peru, read these travel tips before you go.

Natural Hazards in Peru
Various natural hazards occur in Peru, from earthquakes to flooding and the effects of El Nio.

Earthquakes in Peru
Learn more about earthquakes in Peru, a region of major seismic activity.

Earthquake Safe Zones in Peru
You'll often see signs in Peru stating "Zona Segura en Casos de Sismos." These represent one of three safe zones in the event of an earthquake.

Machu Picchu Altitude
There is a risk of altitude sickness at Machu Picchu, but acclimatization is more important upon arrival in Cusco.

Altitude Sickness in Peru
Many travelers will themselves at risk from altitude sickness in Peru. Learn more with our guide to symptoms and prevention.

Cusco Altitude Information
Cusco is located at an elevation of 11,152 feet above sea level, so you need to acclimatize when you arrive.

The Peruvian Tourist Police
Peru's tourist police are charged with aiding and looking after foreign tourists in Peru.

The Ronda Campesina in Peru
When you travel overland in Peru, you might come across ronderos, members of a rural patrol active in various parts of the country.

The Serenazgo in Peru
The serenazgo is a type of municipal security service in Peru, typically used to patrol the streets and provide support to the National Police.

Strikes and Demonstrations in Peru
Strikes and demonstrations are fairly common in Peru. Most are relatively peaceful, but some protests escalate into violent clashes.

Tips for Walking in Cities in Peru
A few tips for travelers who like to explore cities independently and on foot.

Coca Leaves, Coca Tea and Drug Test Results
If you drink coca tea or chew coca leaves, there's a possibility you could test positive for cocaine in a workplace drug test.

Safety in Trujillo, Peru
Find out how to stay safe in Trujillo, a great city with a less-than-perfect reputation.

Is Marijuana Legal in Peru?
The possession of certain quantities of marijuana is officially legal in Peru, but even supposedly legal amounts can get you in trouble.

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