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Earthquake Safe Zones in Peru


The "Zona Segura en Casos de Sismos" Sign
Safe zone Peru earthquakes

“Safe Zone in Case of Earthquakes”

Photo © Jorge Gobbi, flickr.com

Earthquakes are one of the most frequent and destructive natural hazards in Peru. Constant reminders of this potential threat are the numerous signs scattered in and around public places stating Zona Segura en Casos de Sismos (“Safe Zone in Case of Earthquakes”).

These signs indicate internal safe zones. In total, the Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil del Perú (INDECI) recommends three types of safe zone in the event of an earthquake:

  • Internal Safe Zones: The sign above indicates a safe zone within a building. If you cannot make a safe and immediate exit outside, these areas represent the safest internal locations. They are typically located near strong columns or structural walls.
  • External Safe Zones: These are areas of open space away from buildings. They include parks, large squares, open parking lots and sports fields.
  • Concentration Points: These are predefined safe areas in case of natural disasters. In the event of a disaster (such as an earthquake or tsunami), these areas offer first aid, drinking water and food.

You can find more information from the Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil del Perú (Spanish only) in this INDECI earthquake preparedness document.

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