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Peru Month by Month

Find out what's happening in Peru each month with our guide to annually recurring festivals and events.

Peru in January
January in Peru is a mixed bag of events, including religious processions, plenty of dancing and even a ritual battle...

Peru in February
It's carnival season in February, so plenty of parties and water fights to look forward to, as well as the Virgen de la Candelaria festival in Puno.

Peru in March
Find out what's happening in Peru in March with our guide to the month's festivals and events.

Peru in April
April in Peru is packed with anniversary celebrations, providing plenty of opportunities for a party.

Peru in May
May is a month of religious events, including the Fiesta de las Cruces and the Virgin de Chapi pilgrimage.

Peru in June
Packed with big events, including Inti Raymi and the Festival of San Juan, June in Peru is certainly not short on festivities.

Peru in July
July is a lively month in Peru, with Independence Day, the Virgen del Carmen festival, the Fiesta del Sol in Huánuco and more.

Peru in August
August is a busy month, with events across the country including Saint Rose of Lima Day and the Cruz de Chalpón pilgrimage.

Peru in September
Highlights taking place in Peru in September include the Virgen de Cocharcas religious festival and the Festival Internacional de la Primavera.

Peru in October
There are plenty of big events taking place in October, including El Señor de los Milagros and the Battle of Angamos national holiday.

Peru in November
Peru in November is short on major national festivals, but you'll still find a good selection of regional events.

Peru in December
Find out what's happening in Peru in December, a month dominated by Christmas festivities.

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