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Planning and Packing for Peru

Are you planning a trip to Peru? Here you will find plenty of tips and information to help you plan your trip to Peru, including those all-important packing decisions.
  1. Peru Travel Tips (9)
  2. Peruvian Currency (5)
  3. Planning for Machu Picchu (5)
  4. Postal, Phone and Internet Services (6)
  5. Visas, Customs and Border Crossing (12)

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Peru
The top 10 reasons to visit Peru - a visitor's guide to the best things to see and do in Peru.

Before You Go to Peru
Find out what you need to do before going to Peru, including visa, financial and vaccination issues.

What Kind of Person Goes to Peru?
Here's a profile of the typical foreign tourist in Peru -- according to PromPeru statistics, at least...

Can I Travel to Peru With a Criminal Record?
Can you travel to Peru with a criminal record? Well, it all depends on the seriousness of the crime...

Where is Peru Located?
If you're considering a trip to Peru, you might be wondering where exactly Peru is located...

The Best Inca Trail Tour Operators in Peru
Book your Inca Trail trek before you go with our list of recommended Peru-based tour operators.

Maps of Peru
A selection of maps of Peru, including political, physical and population information.

Google Street View in Peru
A large number of Peruvian locations are now available on Google Street View, including cities such as Lima, Arequipa and Cusco.

Satellite Image of Peru
This satellite image of Peru clearly shows the country's three geographic regions, especially when viewed alongside other maps.

Geography of Peru: Coast, Mountains and Jungle
The diverse geography of Peru can be narrowed down to three distinct regions: the coast, the mountains and the jungle.

Free Topographic Maps of Peru
If you’re looking for free topographic maps of Peru, you’ll find an impressive series at the University of Texas Libraries website.

Is Machu Picchu Closed?
Machu Picchu is normally open 365 days a year, but can sometimes close due to unforeseen circumstances.

Peru Travel Options
How will you travel in Peru? There are various options to consider, from package tours to budget backpacking adventures.

Daily Budget for Traveling in Peru
Your average daily budget for traveling in Peru will depend on your style of travel and your length of stay.

Backpacking in Peru
If you're considering a backpacking trip to Peru, learn more with our guide to independent budget travel.

Booking Hotels in Peru
Learn more about booking hotels and hostels before you arrive in Peru.

Peru Route Planner: Classic Itinerary
Explore Peru's most famous attractions during a one-week to one-month trip along the classic Gringo Trail.

Electricity in Peru: Outlets and Voltage
Find out about electricity in Peru, including electrical outlets and voltage requirements.

Peru Travel Guidebooks
Which guidebook, if any, will you take to Peru?

Volunteering Options in Peru
Find out what kind of options and positions are available for volunteering in Peru.

Free and Low-Cost Volunteer Programs in Peru
Find free and low-cost volunteer programs in various locations across Peru.

The Boleto Turistico: Cusco Tourist Ticket
The Boleto Turístico gives you access to a range of museums and archaeological sites in Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

Toilets in Peru
Toilets in Peru range from bearable to hideously unclean, but remain an essential part of traveling no matter what condition they're in.

Laundry in Peru
Find out where to do your laundry in Peru, including using hotel laundry services and dedicated lavanderías.

Register Your Trip to Peru
Find out how to register your trip to Peru with free government travel services.

Iperú: Peru Tourist Information and Assistance
For tourist information and assistance while you're traveling in Peru, look for an Iperu tourist office.

Essential Spanish for Peru
Learning some basic Spanish essentials before you go to Peru will make your trip more relaxing and more rewarding.

Spanish for Peru: Shops and Services Ending in “-ria”
Increase your Spanish vocabulary with our list of shops and services in Peru ending in “-ria," such as cevichería and panadería.

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