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Electricity in Peru: Outlets and Voltage


Peru electrical outlet

Peruvian electrical outlet with round-pin plug

Photo © Tony Dunnell Peruvian plug

Peruvian two-pronged plug with flat blades.

Photo © Tony Dunnell

If you’re taking electrical appliances to Peru, you’ll need to know about the country’s electrical system. Both the electrical current and the plug outlets may be different from those of your home country, so you should plan accordingly.

Electrical Current in Peru

Electricity in Peru is 220 Volts and 60 Hertz (cycles per second). If you plug in a 110-volt appliance, prepare yourself for a puff of smoke and a broken piece of equipment.

If you want to use a 110-volt appliance in Peru, you’ll need to buy a power adapter. But always check before spending money on an adapter, as many modern laptops and digital cameras can safely take both 110 and 220 volts (they are dual voltage). So if you're taking a laptop to Peru, you'll probably only need a plug adapter (see below).

Many of Peru’s top-end hotels have outlets for 110-volt appliances. They should be clearly labeled as such, but always check if you’re unsure.

Electrical Outlets in Peru

There are two types of electrical outlets in Peru. One accepts two-pronged plugs with flat, parallel blades, while the other takes plugs with two round prongs. Many Peruvian electrical outlets are designed to accept both types (see image above).

If your appliance has a different plug attachment (such as a three-pronged UK plug), you’ll need to buy an adapter. Universal plug adapters are inexpensive (click here to compare prices) and easy to carry around. It’s a good idea to buy one before you go to Peru (most major airports have a store selling plug adapters). Some international plug adapters have a built-in surge protector, providing an extra layer of protection.

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