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Peru Postal Codes


In February 2011, Peru introduced postal codes (zip codes) for the entire country. Before this, postal codes (códigos postales in Spanish) were used only for Lima and Callao.

The current Peruvian postal code system uses five numbers. The first two numbers signify the administrative region of Peru in which the address is located (see table below).

The next three numbers represent smaller areas within each administrative region. These may be provinces, but can vary depending on the population density of any given area.

Finding the full postal code can be difficult. The Peruvian Ministerio de Transporte y Comunicaciones website offers two resources to help you find the correct five-digit postal code:

  • Búsqueda de Códigos Postales: a postal code search tool. Click on the appropriate region; you can then search by address (“Dirección”) or district (“Distrito”). It’s not perfect, but you’ll get there in the end.
  • Listado de Código Postal: a list of postal codes ordered by region. Click “listado” under the appropriate region to see a full list of codes. There are also maps (“mapas”) to help with your search.

If you can’t find the correct postal code, one option is to simply not include it in the address. Many Peruvians, especially those outside Lima and Callao, still post items without including a postal code.

The Peruvian postal system isn’t flawless (things can disappear), but the use -- or not -- of a postal code is unlikely to make a great difference. I live in Tarapoto and receive post from various countries (mainly the USA and the UK); the arrival success rate is perhaps 95% -- and not once has the address included a postal code (the inclusion of which would not raise the arrival rate to 100%).

Peru Postal Codes: First Two Digits (Region)

01 Amazonas14 Lambayeque
02 Ancash15 Lima
03 Apurímac16 Loreto
04 Arequipa17 Madre de Dios
05 Ayacucho18 Moquegua
06 Cajamarca19 Pasco
07 Callao20 Piura
08 Cusco21 Puno
09 Huancavelica22 San Martín
10 Huánuco23 Tacna
11 Ica24 Tumbes
12 Junín25 Ucayali
13 La Libertad
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