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Maps of Peru


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Political Map of Peru
Political Map of Peru
Map of Peru courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency

The map above is a stripped-down political map of Peru, created by the CIA. It doesn’t provide many physical details, but it gives you a clear picture of Peru’s borders, neighboring countries, major cities and rivers.

Notable features include the equator, running along the northernmost point of Peru, and the Amazon River. Three major Peruvian rivers, the Marañón, Huallaga and Ucayali, join the Amazon in northeastern Peru. The Río Madre de Dios, meanwhile, flows into Bolivia and across Brazil (its name changing to Beni and Madeira respectively) before joining the Amazon near Manaus.

The Peruvian capital, Lima, sits near the midpoint of Peru’s Pacific coastline, dominating the coastal strip. The former Inca capital of Cusco is located inland, with the colonial city of Arequipa to the south and Lake Titicaca to the southeast (forming part of the border between Peru and Bolivia).

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