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Peru Population Density Map
Peru Population Density Map

Population Density Map (Click for Larger Image)

Image © Huhsunqu, Wikimedia Commons

Peru’s three geographic regions of coast, mountain and jungle (costa, sierra y selva) split the country into distinct zones, each running from north to south. The map above -- created using census data from 2007 -- reveals the close relationship between geography and population density in Peru.

The coastal strip is home to the majority of Peru’s most densely populated departments. Lima’s highly populated urban area sets it apart from all others; the city has a population approaching 8 million, while Peru itself is home to about 30 million inhabitants.

Departmental population densities decrease as you move away from the coast, first with the rugged Andean range (running from north to south through the center of Peru), followed by the sparsely populated jungle regions.

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