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Shopping in Peru

Get ready to haggle! Shopping in Peru can be quite an experience as you navigate vast city markets or attempt to communicate with Quechua-speaking craftspeople in tiny rural villages. Find out where to buy authentic indigenous handicrafts, alpaca hats, pima cotton shirts and more.

Tips for Shopping in Peru
Shopping in Peru is normally a pleasurable process, but some quirks can make things slightly confusing or frustrating...

The Art of Haggling in Peru
Learning the art of haggling in Peru will help you avoid overspending in shops and markets.

Larcomar in Miraflores, Lima
The Larcomar shopping center in Lima is a popular sea-front location for shopping, eating and catching a movie.

Laws on Taking Replica Artifacts and Similar Souvenirs Out of Peru
Before you buy replicas of historic or cultural artifacts, be aware of the laws regarding the exportation of such items.

Spanish for Peru: Shops and Services Ending in “-ria”
Increase your Spanish vocabulary with our list of shops and services in Peru ending in “-ria," such as cevichería and panadería.

Money in Peru: Coping with a Lack of Change
Many small businesses in Peru have a shortage of change, so you'll need to break down your large Nuevo Sol banknotes.

Mercado de Pulgas Market in Parque Kennedy, Miraflores
Miraflores isn't great for bargain hunting, but the small mercado de pulgas in Parque Kennedy is an interesting place for a browse.

Flagship Products of Peru
The 12 "flagship products of Peru" are important exports that represent the image of Peru outside the country.

Peruvian Pima Cotton, Gossypium Barbadense
Peruvian Pima cotton is grown along the north coast of Peru and is exported across the globe for the manufacture of luxury clothing.

Opening Hours in Peru
Find out when shops and other services open and shut with our quick guide to business hours in Peru.

Frommer's: The Best Shopping in Peru
Find out where to buy authentic Peruvian items with Frommer's guide to Peru's shopping and souvenir-hunting hotspots.

Andean Travel Web: A Guide to Shopping in Cusco
Learn where to shop in the Inca capital with the Andean Travel Web’s guide to shopping in Cusco.

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