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Casa Grau Museum in Piura, Peru


The Casa Museo Gran Almirante Grau
Casa Grau

The main courtyard in the Casa Grau Museum, Piura, featuring a bust of Miguel Grau.

Photo © Tony Dunnell

The Casa Museo Gran Almirante Grau, located in Piura, was the family home of one of Peru’s greatest heroes, Miguel Grau Seminario (1834 to 1879).

During the War of the Pacific against Chile, Grau took on the superior Chilean fleet, disrupting plans for a full-scale land invasion of Peru. Grau died during the conflict, but his bravery and honor in battle earned him the respect of both his enemies and his countrymen. Grau died on October 8, 1879, during the Battle of Angamos, a date that has since become a national holiday in Peru.

Grau’s childhood home was declared a Historical Monument in 1944. It now serves as both a monument to the man and as a naval museum. You’ll find various artifacts within the small museum, including portraits of Grau and paintings depicting his battles. There are also items that once belonged to the admiral, including swords, guns and medals. A scale model of Grau’s celebrated ship, the Huascar, takes pride of place in one of the main rooms.

The building itself maintains the charm of a family home, providing a palpable sense of history and a slightly haunting air. The paintings and artifacts, meanwhile, will be of particular interest if you know the story of Miguel Grau or have an interest in Peru’s naval history.

Casa Museo Gran Almirante Grau Details

  • Location: Tacna 662, Piura (just off the Plaza de Armas)
  • Opening hours: 9 am to 12 pm and 3 pm until 6 pm Monday to Friday; 9 am to midday on weekends
  • Admission: Free, but donations are welcome
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