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Nazca Lines Photos


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Taking Photos of the Nazca Lines
Nazca Lines flight

Pilot preparing for a flight over the Nazca Lines

Photo © Tony Dunnell

Before you take a flight over the Nazca Lines, a few things will probably cross your mind. Will I get airsick? Is this going to be worth the money? How much will I actually see? Will I be able to take some respectable photos?

Well, it’s definitely worth the money. The flight itself is great fun, as long as you don’t suffer from airsickness or severe vertigo. As for the aerial views of the geoglyphs, they are nothing short of stunning.

Taking photos, meanwhile, is slightly tricky. The pilots try their best to give their passengers a good view of each major geometric shape or zoomorphic design, but you need to concentrate -- and stay sharp -- if you want a good shot. The lines seem to float by your window all too quickly, especially when your pilot is pointing them out and all you see, at first, is desert.

There are hundreds of lines, shapes and figures laid out across the Nazca Desert. The following photos are of the most notable geoglyphs, those that determine the course of your flight from the Maria Reiche Airport and back again.

I have enhanced some of the images (those that I took myself) to make the geoglyphs more visible.

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