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The Brüning Museum in Lambayeque, Peru


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Moche Ceramics in the Brüning Museum
Bruning Museum moche ceramics
Photo © Tony Dunnell

The Brüning Museum houses a fine collection of ceramics from various pre-Inca cultures, including some from the Inca Empire itself.

The pottery of the Moche civilization, which existed in northern Peru from about 100 AD to 800 AD, serves as a record and illustration of Moche culture. Its ceramics vary greatly, representing everything from powerful leaders to scenes of daily life.

According to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, nearly all Moche decorated vessels “are slip painted and bichrome, with red decoration on a white/cream background.” You can see this styling in the image above.

This particular Brüning artifact displays a common theme: fishing. For the civilizations of the north coast, the sea was a vital part of the economy and an important source of food.

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