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Things to See and Do in Peru


With its coastal deserts, Andean peaks and vast swathes of Amazon jungle, Peru is nothing if not diverse. Colorful festivals, outdoor adventures and historic sites all vie for your attention, making it hard to choose one attraction over another as you travel across the nation. Here’s just a taste of what Peru has to offer...
  1. Festivals and Events
  2. Discover Historic Peru
  3. Museums in Peru
  4. Sports and Outdoor Activities

Festivals and Events

Peru festivals

More than 3,000 festivals take place in Peru each year, so you’ll rarely be far from a religious parade, a traditional dance or a simple excuse for revelry. Discover some of the most colorful (and at times quirky) cultural highlights in Peru.

Discover Historic Peru

Kuelap fortress

Machu Picchu may take all the plaudits, but the Inca citadel is certainly not the only fascinating historic site in Peru. If you secretly dream of being Indian Jones, then Peru is the place for you...

Museums in Peru


Peru is home to many fine museums, displaying everything from ceramics to gold to mummies. You'll find pre-Inca artifacts, Inca treasures and more modern remnants from Peruvian history.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Trekking to Machu Picchu

Trekking, climbing, rafting, sandboarding and surfing are just a few of the outdoor activities available in Peru. Wildlife fanatics are also spoilt for choice, with plenty of national parks waiting to be explored throughout Peru.

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