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Where to Stay in Peru

From simple hostels to five-star hotels and jungle lodges, Peru has plenty of accommodation options to suit all budgets. Whether you are planning a shoestring backpacking adventure or a luxury vacation, our hotel and hostel reviews will help you decide where to stay in Peru.

Types of Accommodation in Peru
Accommodation in Peru ranges from rustic homestays to luxury lodges, with a little bit of everything in between. Prices also vary greatly, but you’ll soon learn what type of lodging is best suited to your budget and your style of travel.

The Best Historic Hotels in Cusco
If you enjoy the idea of relaxing in a colonial courtyard built on ancient Inca foundations, consider a stay at one of Cusco’s historic hotels.

Solis Dies Hotel, Miraflores
The Solis Dies Hotel is an affordable option in the heart of Miraflores, Lima.

Friend’s House Hostel, Miraflores
Friend's House is a comfortable and affordable hostel in Miraflores, Lima.

Hotel Colonial in Trujillo, Peru
The Hotel Colonial in Trujillo, Peru, is an affordable option right in the city's historic center.

La Hacienda Hotel in Trujillo, Peru
La Hacienda is an affordable slice of elegance in the historic heart of Trujillo.

Hotel Nilas, Tarapoto
Hotel Nilas is a solid and central accommodation option in the jungle city of Tarapoto, San Martin.

Las Casitas del Colca in Peru
Las Casitas del Colca is a small ecolodge near the rim of Colca Canyon, one of the world's deepest canyons and a great place to spot Andean condors.

Booking Hotels in Peru
Find out how to book hotels and hostels in Peru.

Renting Rooms and Apartments in Peru
Find out what rental options are available for lengthy stays in Peru, including basic rooms, apartments and houses.

Reviews of Friend's House Hostel in Miraflores, Lima
Read or submit your own reviews of Friend's House Hostel in Miraflores, Lima. See submissions

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