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Solis Dies Hotel, Miraflores


Solis Dies Hotel, Miraflores, Lima
Solis Dies Hotel

The modern Solis Dies Hotel building in Miraflores, Lima.

Photo © Tony Dunnell

Lima’s upscale Miraflores district is a popular hangout for international visitors, be they budget backpackers or business travelers. Accommodation options range from cheap-and-almost-cheerful hostels to top-end, five-star hotels. If you and your budget are looking for something in between, the two-star Solis Dies Hotel is a solid midrange option.

Located at Calle Porta 245, just two blocks south of Parque Kennedy, Solis Dies is a short walk from the multitude of restaurants and bars in the heart of Miraflores and a brisk five-minute stroll from the seafront cliffs. The hotel’s modern façade sits behind a tree on a street that is both safe and relatively quiet.

Solis Dies has 22 rooms in total, with four available styles/prices:

  • Standard: S/.75 (US$28)
  • Executive: S/.90 (US$34)
  • Double: S/.110 (US$41)
  • Junior Suite (with Jacuzzi): S/.150 (US$56)

All rooms have their own bathroom with strong showers, a steady supply of towels and a reliable supply of hot water (unlike many hostels). Additional features include cable TV, a safe deposit box and telephone. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

The step-up between standard and executive rooms is largely cosmetic, but executive rooms are slightly more spacious with an added armchair. Only the junior suite has a Jacuzzi.

Service, in general, is good. The reception area is staffed 24 hours a day (with a staff member sleeping in reception throughout the night), providing a high level of security as well as immediate attention for guests returning late at night from bars and clubs. There are currently no English-speaking members of staff, although there have been in the past.

If you’re driving in Peru, the hotel’s secure garage is an extra advantage.

Why No Third Star for This Miraflores Hotel?

The two-star Solis Dies Hotel is firmly a midrange option. The standard rooms are not faultless; the closer you look, the more you’ll see imperfections such as small holes in the ceiling (where light fixtures were once installed) and scuffs and scrapes on the floor and walls. The more expensive executive rooms are of a higher standard, but not without minor cosmetic defects.

Take the price and location into account, however, and you have a good midrange option in the heart of Miraflores. All rooms are clean and comfortable with enough small details to add character. The staff is attentive and housekeeping will clean your room daily with minimal fuss.

A Treat for Budget Backpackers in Lima

If you’re backpacking in Peru on a tight budget, you’ll probably be seeking out hostels before hotels. If you want a break from dorm rooms and shared bathrooms, however, Solis Dies is an affordable alternative.

This is especially true if you’re backpacking as a couple. The price of a bed in a cheap Miraflores hostel starts at around S/.20 (US$7.50). As a couple, you’ll be paying at least S/.40 for two dorm room beds. That makes a room with a double bed in Solis Dies a tempting prospect: private bathroom, Wi-Fi, a far higher level of security, and all for about S/.25 (US$9.30) extra per night.

Solis Dies Address and Contact Information

Calle Porta 245
Phone for Reservations: (511) 628-1040 / 628-1041 / 628-1042
Fax: (511) 242-0977
Website: www.hotelsolisdies.com
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